Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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How Stress can be your Friend

Know that stress is normal. 

Read this research to yourself before your big test to take advantage of stress:

"Sometimes in important situations, people notice that they have a faster heartbeat, sweaty palms, shortness of breath, butterflies in their stomach, and lots of energy running through their body. People usually think that this means that they are nervous, anxious, or worried. However, these feelings happen for all kinds of reasons, and it does not mean that we need to feel worried or nervous. For example, we feel this same way when we are excited about a surprise, when we are getting ready for a fun sports competition, or when we fall in love. So, feeling a faster heartbeat, for example, doesn't mean you will perform badly. Having these feelings could actually help you!
This is because when people care about something, such as doing well on a test, our body's nervous system tells the body to release energy and deliver more oxygen to the brain. This helps you to stay alert and pay attention to the important thing that is going on in your life. Therefore, experiencing a faster heartbeat, heavy breathing, or sweaty palms could actually be a good thing. It is your body's way of pumping you full of energy and attention! It all depends on whether you choose to use this energy. ..."