Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bandwidth (says Ben...)

Why the school computers are sooooooo

Internet use at KRHS
Our maximum  internet speed = 25mbs

From Mr. Lambert
"You will notice the  green plateau which indicates our maximum internet speed (25mbs).                     During the school day it is completely maxed out.  

                                      The biggest bandwidth hog by FAR is YouTube.
                    Take a look at the graph pulled from the Barracuda filter." (KRHS IT Dept.)

1 & 2 = YouTube     3 = iTunes   4 = Pandora

So, what is bandwidth???

It’s the “wire” that connects your computer 
>> to your modem >>
 to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

When you open a web page,
files travel from where ever they are in the world
to your service provider* 
and then to your computer.
The wider your bandwidth, $ $ $,
the more info can pass through to your computer.

Speed  =  Time or Money
Wait for it..….
or pay $ $ $ for more bandwidth or….
Pay attention to how you are using the bandwidth you have.

BTW  *Electrons run through the wires at close to the speed of light, about  670,000,000 MPH (six hundred and seventy million miles per hour). At that speed, you could circle the globe 7 times a second, or 420 times a minute. (