Monday, April 13, 2015

Need to lower data usage on your smartphone?

Facebook videos

If you have Facebook on your phone, you may be using more data than you realize. If a friend posts a video in their newsfeed, you may notice it sometimes plays automatically when you scroll past it. Guess what that does? Yep—eats data. 
Fortunately, you can turn this auto-play function off.  Here’s how:
For Android:
1.        Open Facebook and go to Settings.
2.       Change Videos Auto-play to Off. You can also set it to Wi-Fi Only, so they’ll only play when you’re connected to your Wi-Fi.

For iOS:
1.        Go to Settings. Tap Facebook and go to Settings.
2.       Under Video, you can set Auto-play to Off or Wi-Fi Only.
Other social networking apps may have similar settings. Instagram, for example, has a setting to only pre-load videos while on Wi-Fi. Keep in mind uploading videos to social networks can burn just as much data as watching them, so you might want to wait until you’re connected to Wi-Fi before sharing..